Welcome to my Neocities page! Here I'm a bit more wacky than what my Carrd makes you think.
This place will be an eternal wip, as I contunue to improve my HTML skills and just add on to the site.
Hope you enjoy your stay!

4-5-22 Site's first updates! Added About, My Art, and Cool Sites pages.

4-6-22 Almost done with About page, and properly added the My Art page. May add Shrines page soon?

4-7-22 About page is complete for the most part, and made more progress on the Cool Sites page.
Also worked on a personal blog hosted in a constelation far, far away...(coming soon)

4-8-22 Wooohoooo! Got the Cool Sites and My Art pages done! Also linked my blog with the blinkie :)
Miiiiiiiight be making shrines next...idk we'll see

4-16-22 Been a while but, I finally added the E-Shrines directory, along with the first shrine. Also added My OC's page, but it doesn't go anywhere yet.

9-16-22 Reworking the art directory, starting with my vent art.