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I'm still new to Neocities, so I'll probably add some more sites soon :)


A pixel sprite editor that runs in your browser! Can also be downloaded as an application.


A site that gives you random art prompts, with categories to choose from.


The ultimate site for color palettes! You can view and download palettes
or generate random ones. Also has other color related tools


A site where you can make a card with your pronouns to share.

Pronoun Dressup Room

A great site to try out pronouns for yourself, with premade pronoun lists, or you can make your own!


As the name implies, this site is a place to learn things related to music theory,
like scales and chords. Also has some helpful tools.

For the Splatoon 2 players out there, this website is the hub for all things
compeditive! It has a lot of features, more than I can put here.

Dither Me This

A neat site that dithers photos in different ways, making them look old (also it makes the size smaller too).


A site that can double the size of any anime/manga style photo you put into it!
It's helpful for getting a higher quality version of your favorite artwork.


A collaborative online whiteboard that anyone can join with a link! Fun for art parties.

Bored Button

A fun web surfing site. Every time you click the button, you get a random site.

Windows 93

A retro Windows OS in your browser! Comes with games, emulators, and other fun things.

Surf the web

With this link you can surf the web just like the old days! This was made by the people behind the Yesterweb.

Yesterweb Radio

Also made by the people behind the Yesterweb, this online radio plays indie music and tech related podcasts.

Jackhouse Radio

Another online radio, this plays alt music that the creator, jasonsworld, and his friends like.


Yet another online radio, this plays stations of over 30 different indie artists, with a good variety of genres to choose from.

LapFox Radio

Yet another online radio, this plays Lapfox/Vulpvibe/Halley Labs music. This one is the least used out of all the radios I've listed.